CSR policy

CSR policy

Rolling out a CSR policy involves integrating social and environmental concerns into the company’s business, as well as in its relations with all its stakeholders.

Involving both digital transformation and energy transition, Data Centers are a pillar of the digital economy, at the crossroads of a very diverse ecosystem and with the dual role of offering an unquestionably high quality of service for its customers and controlling its environmental footprint.

Being socially responsible means not only fulfilling legal obligations, but also going beyond mere compliance with laws and investing further in human capital and the environment.

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European Union, 2001.

Placing people at the core of
our social commitment

“People make the company”, as DATA4 CEO Olivier Micheli is continually reminding us. Their satisfaction is therefore essential to the company’s success.

The Group’s Senior Management therefore conducts a survey each year to measure levels of satisfaction, setting itself a target of 80% minimum. An action plan is then drawn up and tracked to remedy the points of vigilance that emerge from the survey.

DATA4 also ensures that each workstation has the technical and/or office equipment required for the task in hand and the company works closely with occupational therapists, who monitor all staff and raise awareness amongst personnel in relation to their tasks.

Two employees per site also follow Workplace Life-Saving Skills training each year in order to be able to perform emergency procedures if needed. This training is part of the company’s wide-reaching Training Programme that offers employees the resources to develop their skills.

DATA4 is also committed to gender equality by recruiting women into key positions within the company. In 2017, 42% of new recruits to the Group were women.

DATA4’s gender index
« Index égalité hommes-femmes »

Declared a major national cause for the next five years in France, equality between women and men has been the subject of a comprehensive action plan by the French government. In September 2018, measures were adopted in this regard in the law for the freedom to choose one’s professional future.

With the gender equality index, companies will be able to measure where they stand in terms of professional equality. With a score out of 100, the index is composed of five major criteria that evaluate inequalities between women and men in companies.

DATA4’s gender Index : Groupe 86/100

DATA4 is strongly committed to
sustainable development

Fully aware of its environmental responsibility, DATA4 integrates energy efficiency into the core of its operations at all levels of the life cycle of Data Centers.

From the design stage, DATA4 pays particular attention to energy-efficient and energy-saving technology.

  • DATA4 has patented an innovative cooling system using a diffusing ceiling
  • Our Data Centers are equipped with Direct Free Cooling technology that cools clean rooms using outside air

During operational phases, DATA4 manages, measures and tracks technical, energy and environmental performance indicators in accordance with applicable standards:

  • Managing facilities in accordance with the prerequisites of ISO 14001 and 50001
  • Continuous management of energy consumption per usage (ISO 50001)
  • Tracking building PUE (in accordance with the ISO/IEC 30134-2 referential)
  • Applying energy efficiency good practice according to the prerequisites of the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centers

Lastly, DATA4 sorts, eliminates and traces waste produced by its activity and extends the life of certain items, such as batteries, through the quality of its maintenance.

DATA4 is also committed to Renewable Energy throughout its sites. The equivalent of 100% of its electricity consumption is produced from Renewable Energy sources.

The DATA4 site in France also promotes biodiversity by preserving the plant and wildlife of the 70 hectares of listed woodland on its property.

Service and
infrastructure quality

To meet the requirements of its customers, DATA4 guarantees in all circumstances:

  • The quality and quantity of its electricity supply
  • Temperature and hygrometry conditions in IT rooms that comply with ASHRAE recommendations
  • Data Center connectivity to all Internet and telecom networks
  • The physical and logical security of its infrastructure
  • 24/7 service quality