Data4 signs two Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) with French renewable energy leaders

Data4, a French operator and investor in the data center sector, recently signed two major contracts with French leaders in renewable energy, Eurowatt and Photosol.

These agreements, known as Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), aim to provide decarbonized energy to its customers in response to the rapid growth of the digital sector and the increasing importance of environmental responsibility.

With Eurowatt, Data4 has committed to purchasing energy produced by three wind farms located in France, with an installed capacity of 12 MW each, providing 80 GWh of electricity to Data4. This partnership aims to meet Data4’s growing energy needs while reducing its carbon footprint.

Similarly, Photosol will supply green electricity to Data4 from three photovoltaic parks located in the Alpes-Maritimes and Loir-et-Cher regions, with an annual capacity of around 70 GWh. This collaboration demonstrates Photosol’s ability to meet its partners’ requirements within tight deadlines and paves the way for potential future collaborations between the two companies, both in France and internationally.

These partnerships reflect Data4’s commitment to sustainable energy and its desire to contribute to the energy transition by sourcing renewable energy, while ensuring predictable prices and a low carbon footprint for its customers.