As a European Data Center operator, DATA4 plays a major role in today’s digital economy by providing high volume data hosting and security while also ensuring its availability and accessibility. A Data Center is now the foundation on which the entire IT value chain is based.

Our sense of responsibility means we are more than capable of taking on industry challenges. Our objective is to benefit our customers and fulfil their expectations for corporate responsibility so that together we can face the challenges of digital transformation.

This is why DATA4 is implementing an integrated management system at all three of its sites – in France, Italy and Luxembourg – to best cover our clients’ needs for quality service, security, legal and regulatory compliance as well as environmental and energy performance. We do all of this with a continuous improvement mindset.

This organisation relies on management, implementation and support processes overseen by Management at the company’s highest level.

We are making these commitments to our customers. They are an integral part of DATA4’s five-year strategic plan, which was created based on market needs and organised into four focus areas:


Create more efficient Data Centers, transition to 100% renewable energy to limit our impact on natural resources – through a policy focused on increasing energy efficiency (ISO 50001) and reducing our environmental footprint (ISO 14001).


Increase productivity by developing new management tools and giving our Data Centers an added layer of intelligence so that they can be overseen and controlled remotely – in order to better satisfy our customers (ISO 9001);


Constantly increase information security at our sites so they can handle threats as well as new physical and logical security challenges – as required by ISO 27001; also ensure the occupational health and safety of DATA4’s employees, customers, vendors and suppliers as well as anyone who may be exposed to a risk related to our activities (ISO 45001).

Customer Satisfaction

Continually improve our customers’ experience by always listening to what they need and making our employees and service providers aware of our quality management system (ISO 9001).


These objectives are included in our suppliers’ and partners’ remits as well as in our employees’ annual KPIs. Employees are monitored and evaluated twice a year to measure their efficacy.

Our approach was initiated in 2014 and has been recognised and certified by independent experts for the following standards:


May vary by country and data center. Contact us for more information.