Who We Are

DATA4 Group

DATA4 is a major European operator and investor in the data center market.

The Group finances, designs, builds, and operates its own data centers.
As the initiator of a model of ultra-connected, resilient, and long-lasting data center campuses. Data4 Group aims to support the digital growth of its clients in a sustainable way by providing them with scalable and secure hosting solutions for their IT servers, ranging from a single rack to a dedicated building.
The Group is committed to a proactive approach to sustainable development through its Data4 Good program, which is based on four main pillars: the environment, people, the community, and innovation. The Data4 Group has introduced a number of innovations aimed at reducing its environmental footprint, such as the use of low-carbon concrete for the construction of future data center, the use of hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) to power generators, and the use of AI models to improve energy efficiency and extend the lifespan of equipment through predictive maintenance.
The Data4 Group operates some of the most powerful data center campuses in Europe, with land and power reserves that are unique in the European market. Data4’s data centers in France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany, and Luxembourg are home to international cloud operators, major telecom providers, innovative tech companies, and multinationals.


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Our Ambition

The foundation of the digital economy

Everything starts with the acknowledgement that cities, houses, cars and businesses all over the world are going digital. Our day-to-day practices are changing rapidly, leading to an increase in the amount of data produced. In 2020, the amount of data generated and processed worldwide increased five-fold, reaching the colossal figure of 44 zettabytes!

Just like air, water and food, data is now a primary need that is essential to our lives and development.

Data Centers exist to meet the need for mass storage of the data we produce, whilst ensuring it remains available, accessible and secure.

Data Centers represent the cornerstone of the digital economy, and to a large extent the economy in general, on which our day-to-day use of digital technology depends, whether at home, in public or at work.
And at DATA4, we believe that, like any base, it must be rock solid!

Our values

DATA4’s identity also lies in our values. They are the DNA of the company, driving our business and daily commitment to our customers, employees, suppliers and service providers.

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