Who We Are

DATA4 Group

DATA4 is a major European operator and investor in the data center market.

We finance, design, build and operate our own data centers to provide our customers with agile, high-performance, secure and environmentally-friendly data hosting solutions.

We currently operate 25 data centers in France, Italy, Spain and Luxembourg. Our infrastructure relies on high-quality design and a very diverse and scalable portfolio of services that adapt perfectly to fit customers’ needs – from hosting a single rack to a dedicated building.

With 137 hectares and 384MW of resources, DATA4 has land reserves and power capacity that are unique in the European market, enabling us to support the growth of our customers, whether digital service providers, cloud operators or businesses.


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Our Ambition

The foundation of the digital economy

Everything starts with the acknowledgement that cities, houses, cars and businesses all over the world are going digital. Our day-to-day practices are changing rapidly, leading to an increase in the amount of data produced. In 2020, the amount of data generated and processed worldwide increased five-fold, reaching the colossal figure of 44 zettabytes!

Just like air, water and food, data is now a primary need that is essential to our lives and development.

Data Centers exist to meet the need for mass storage of the data we produce, whilst ensuring it remains available, accessible and secure.

Data Centers represent the cornerstone of the digital economy, and to a large extent the economy in general, on which our day-to-day use of digital technology depends, whether at home, in public or at work.
And at DATA4, we believe that, like any base, it must be rock solid!

Our values

DATA4 is driven by a deep commitment to our integrity. We believe in being proactive to help our clients achieve their goals, and in being accountable for the work we do. Our business has been modelled around a belief in individual and collective responsibility, while constantly exploring new ways to achieve the best outcomes. Here are the values that ensure we maintain these commitments:

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