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DATA4 offers its customers advisory services provided by experts

DATA4 offers its customers advisory services provided by experts to support them in their digital transformation and supply tailored solutions adapted to their needs and constraints, whether these involve design, layout, migration, hybrid architecture or project financing.


For over 10 years, DATA4 has been designing highly reliable Data Centers (electricity, cooling, connectivity, etc.).

In cases where customers have specific needs, DATA4 experts can adapt the DATA4 Design to these needs, adapting the infrastructure of our building to their requirements.


DATA4 provides support for its customers in laying out their hosting space to meet their specific requirements (racks, power supply connections, power distribution units, meters, wiring services and related pathways, CFD simulations, cable trays, etc.).

Hybrid IT

To provide you with support in implementing your hybrid IT strategy, DATA4 has created D4 Digital Hub.

This service platform, which is linked to an extensive ecosystem of partners, facilitates the implementation of hybrid IT environments.

DATA4 provide you with support in creating your hybrid IT and the private and secured migration to the public cloud (AMAZON WEB SERVICES, MICROSOFT AZURE, BLUEMIX, GOOGLE CLOUD, OFFICE 365, etc.).


DATA4 provides its customers with support services to facilitate their installation in IT rooms.

Migration: Customers can entrust the partial or total migration of their IT system to our staff, ranging from customer equipment inventories to the final testing phase in the hosting areas of DATA4 campuses.

Delivery Management: DATA4 can receive deliveries on behalf of its customers, irrespective of the volume. This service is offered to customers who have subscribed to the on-site technical support service.

Project Manager: Customers can use the services of a special contact at DATA4 during the implementation phase (Service Transition) within the DATA4 campuses.

Customer Solutions (or Services) Manager: A special contact is appointed for our customers during the operational phase (post-delivery); they will set up regular steering committee meetings and is a point of escalation in the case of an incident or problem.

Dedicated customer portal

DATA4 provides you with a Customer Portal, enabling you to remotely manage your hosting area and all related operations.

The Customer Portal, based on the ITIL model, is a secured web interface that is available 24/7 and designed to optimise and simplify the operational management of our customers’ IT environments.


DATA4 has implemented a dedicated financing solution with a specialised partner to finance your migration projects and IT equipment or else to enable your installation costs to be absorbed into your monthly fee.