DATA4 creates Smart & Scalable digital facilities for our customers. Our network of highly-connected, resilient and sustainable data center campuses underpin our customers’ digital growth in Europe.

DATA4 Group finances, designs, constructs and operates its own data centers. Delivered through our data center campus model, we provide our customers with secure, scalable and high-performance data hosting solutions.

Reliable & hyper-connected campuses of data centers

DATA4 is a European data center operator in France, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Poland and soon Germany. DATA4 operates 34 Data Centers across its entire European platform:

  • Unique resources on the European market: land bank (200ha), energy (850MW available) and 21 additional data centers building.
  • Agile, scalable, secure, efficient and environmentally friendly hosting solutions: from a single rack in colocation up to a dedicated building.

Major European player with exceptional resources


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