Connect to a
vast digital ecosystem

Connect to a
vast digital ecosystem

Data centers have opened up to the outside world to meet business requirements and are now seen as a digital crossroads. A crossroads where businesses interconnect with telecom operators, as well as with Internet and Cloud players.

DATA4 therefore provides its customers with a direct, private connection to over 70 telecom operators and Internet providers, 150 cloud destinations (such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google cloud and Salesforce), the main Internet exchange nodes (MIX, FRANCIX, AMSIX, LINK, DECIX, etc.) and partner services such as HPC (High Performance Computing) or storage on demand.

Distributed infrastructure
in an Ethernet network

As well as being connected to the international digital ecosystem, DATA4 campuses are linked together via an Ethernet network, giving customers the option of creating a distributed and interconnected information system (Point-to-Point Ethernet links) between Paris, Milan and Luxembourg.

The Group has rolled out large-scale telecommunications infrastructure on its platform, requiring major investments.

Cloud Hub

The DATA4 campuses are populated with networks (redundant Points of Presence) that are directly connected to over 150 cloud destinations, including the main global public clouds. (List available on request). Our customers can therefore simply and rapidly benefit from direct, secured links to these public cloud platforms in order to extend their private cloud platforms (for overflow, flexibility, reliability and redundancy). This guarantees low latency, security, better control over quality and the reliability of data exchanges.


A host of connectivity services, included in the D4 Digital Hub, are available on DATA4 campuses to meet the full range of customer requirements:

  • Technological requirements: dark fibre, SDH, WDM, Ethernet, MPLS, IP, SDN, etc.
  • Coverage requirements: local, national or international
  • Direct connections to over 150 public cloud platforms

These services have adapted SLA, according to customer requirements and operator capacity.

Connectivity Partners

More than 70 partners of connectivity are available in our campus.

Network Connectivity
Our connected infrastructures

DATA4 campuses are connected to the outside world via an extensive network infrastructure (loop ducts and dark fibre) with at least three fully independent physical entry points. Several hundred dark fibres thus link the dark fibre metropolitan networks of Paris-Marcoussis, Milan and Luxembourg operators.

Each DATA4 site has at least two 130m2 Carrier Rooms (POP ROOMS), which are themselves connected to totally independent Meet-Me-Rooms in each Data Center. All buildings are also linked together by a number of independent duct loops, with separate (and therefore ultra-secure) paths.