Land bank (123 ha) and power (204 MW) resources available



Data center solutions from a single colocation rack to a dedicated building



Two underground high-voltage lines of 90,000 V each



Direct and secure access to local and global network providers, ISP’s and IX’s

Smart Hosting

As the datacentre industry evolves, it will enter an ‘intelligent era’ that is software-defined and automated. But this isn’t just a future vision; many of its benefits can be accessed today.

While businesses seek to manage risk, maximise performance and cut costs, the majority lack the visibility and control of their infrastructure required to reliably deliver these outcomes. Such benefits can only be realised if you have access to three key capabilities – visibility, management and agility.

DATA4 solution provides unique visibility of your datacentre operations thanks to DCIM capabilities that are integrated into our infrastructure. Data is accessed in real-time through our customer portal, and capabilities can be enhanced through a DCIM-‘as -a-service module. The solution is delivered whether you take a single rack or a dedicated room.

The Smart Datacentre from DATA4 provides full-visibility decision making.

In order to provide our customers with ever greater added value, we have developed a portfolio of services ranging from the rental of a simple rack to the automation of specific management tasks for your infrastructure.

Our hosting solutions, DATA4’s core business, now include logistics services and advanced Software-Defined Datacenter solutions to control your consumption and investments through automated reporting and an innovative Capacity Planning solution.

Our campuses also offer total neutrality in terms of connectivity and a wide choice of carriers. Through a direct and private connection, you can access more than 70 telecom operators and Internet service providers, 150 cloud destinations (such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Salesforce, etc.), the main Internet exchange nodes (such as MIX, France-IX, LUCIX, AMSIX, LINX, DECIX, etc.)

We also offer value-added services provided by our authorized partners such as migration management, HPC (High Performance Computing) or storage on demand.

In addition, our Smart DC offer now gives you access to all your infrastructure performance indicators, visibility into your 3D hosting spaces, cabling system and connectivity to operators and the cloud simply and in real time.


A hosting offer adapted to your requirements: from subscription to a “shared customer space” colocation rack to a customised dedicated building.


Optimise the logistical management of your computer environment via our dedicated customer portal (storage space, access management, provision of integration rooms, meeting rooms, etc.)


Delegate the operational management of your computer environment (supervision of infrastructure, on-site technical support, security, etc.)

customer portal

DATA4 provides you with a Customer Portal, enabling you to remotely manage your hosting area and all related operations. The Customer Portal, based on the ITIL model, is a secured web interface that is available 24/7 and designed to optimise and simplify the operational management of our customers’ IT environments.

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  • Temperate climate & quality energy at low cost
  • Dynamic ecosystem | Large network in Paris & regions with attractive real estate
  • Stable and demanding regulatory framework & one of the most competitive economy in Europe

DATA4 is strongly committed to

Fully aware of its environmental responsibility, DATA4 integrates energy efficiency into the core of its operations at all levels of the life cycle of Data Centers.

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  • Risk reduction
  • Planning and forecasting ability
  • Compliance and Corporate Social Responsibility