Managing our Infrastructure and Layout


Distribution and cooling network management tools

Because the operational resources within a data center may be limited, especially during times of crisis, and because during these times your IT infrastructure needs to keep working just as hard – and sometimes harder – DATA4 provides remote network operations monitoring.

Whether in our data center control rooms or working from home, our infrastructure managers always have one eye on how the electricity network, cooling equipment, and site security are working.

DATA4 also provides predictive maintenance tools, and uses sensors to monitor critical infrastructure for enhanced surveillance, to foresee any failures, prevent any breakdowns, and guarantee the highest possible levels of availability for our customers, in normal circumstances and during crises just the same.

Constant monitoring
of environmental conditions

Our objectives:

  • To manage our environmental impact
  • To meet the needs of customers seeking to run hosted infrastructure with minimal environmental impact
  • To comply with the most stringent government requirements


DATA4 strives to measure and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, water and electricity use, and use of rare earth elements for its own needs.

In all of our data centers, our teams track their environmental efforts during the construction and production phases, in an effort to reduce their environmental impact year-on-year.

DATA4 also helps its customers to analyse and optimise their environmental efforts, by tracking the environmental impact of their hosting facilities as well as their IT hardware, for the duration of its life-cycle.

Centralised management
of high current networks and connectivity

In cloud services, where IT resources can be instantly called into action, and where transport networks are moving ever closer into line with user needs, data centers can now provide a comprehensive mapping of the electrical and fibre-optic networks available to their customers.

Thus, though its Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tool, DATA4 possesses a complete map of its networks, enabling us to:

  • Supervise the architecture of our electricity network, simulate malfunctions and assess their impact, identify the remaining electrical distribution capacity and predict needs
  • View all cross-connections used, and identify potential flooding points within wiring closets

Supporting our customers
from the layout of their rooms to the everyday operations of their infrastructure

Tailoring our data centers to meet your needs

For over 10 years, DATA4 has been delivering its own design for Data Centers (electricity, cooling, connectivity, etc.), one that is rendered truly reliable through several layers of redundancy.

Our experts can tailor this design to meet your own particular needs, offering you an infrastructure that matches your expectations

The layout of your hosting space

DATA4 is here to support you in laying out your hosting space to meet their specific requirements (racks, power supply connections, power distribution units, meters, wiring services and related pathways, CFD simulations, cable trays, etc.).

Optimised cable harnesses

DATA4 has the tools it needs to optimise the position of its IT infrastructure and the power supply to which it is connected. This means that DATA4 is able to expand its electrical infrastructure management service to simulate the failure of a component at any time (whether that’s a socket, cable harness, a power inverter, or a transformer), and determine the effect it will have on the power supply for each piece of your IT equipment.

DATA4 harnesses its hosting and layout expertise for the benefit of its customers