Data4 Innovation

To share and innovate to promote responsible digital technology with our customers and partners

Data4 Innovation

DATA4 created DATA4Innovation to encourage the emergence of innovative solutions and respond to the challenges of a responsible digital industry.

By working with our customers and partners, we go further in:

  • solving environmental issues
  • developing innovative tools
  • improving our services on campus

The group is currently testing a number of solutions to improve the resilience and energy efficiency of its data centers, based on technologies such as the “Digital twin” which consists of comparing the actual with the theoretical operation of data centers.

DATA4 places a firm focus on green innovation in order to stay on track with its low carbon targets and become carbon neutral by 2030. To get there, it is important that we adopt a holistic approach so that we can optimise the environmental impact of our facilities across their entire life cycle (construction, operations, and then recycling)

Group Innovation and Transformation Director
reduce our environmental footprint using a circular economy model
make Data4 a great place to work.
be responsible, committed participants in our ecosystem.

White Papers

[Report] CSR Report 2021

  • An environmentally aware business
  • Putting people at the heart of our social commitment
  • A sustainable development focused on innovation
  • Playing part in committed ecosystems