How Data4 approaches new data center markets in a changing European landscape

We live in an economy that is digital by design, and the data centers are the key foundations of it. Over the past years, and particularly during the pandemic, maintaining the availability and quality of online services, while at the same time facing increasing demand was no simple task. But it was mandatory to keep things running. Today, every sector and every industry relies on data centers to perform.

The European data center marketplace is transforming right before our very own eyes. Whilst headlines have for years focused on Tier 1 markets like London, Frankfurt, and Dublin, Tiers 2 and 3 locations are currently driving a lot of the overall investment. With a footprint of 28 data centers across the continent and several projects underway, Data4 has rapidly become a large-scale player in recent years.

Today, data centers are facing critical challenges based on a rising demand, an historic inflation, a tension on the energy markets, and the focus on sustainability that has never been more important.

In this context, Data4 has been heavily investing on strengthening its position in existing markets, as well as developing its presence across other new key European markets. To know more about it, Chief commercial officer Adam Levine recently shared his thoughts on the Tech Capital website.

He explains why the demand tide is rising in Europe across key markets and why it is important that operators pay attention to public opinion which has changed in recent years and not always in favor of the industry. He also delves into the company’s digital infrastructure rollout in existing and new markets, and how sustainability and culture play a vital role in its expansion with the key to its success being local ownership.

In this 12-minute video meet Adam Levine to know more about how Data4 approaches new data center markets in a changing European landscape.