HPC by Qarnot Computing

HPC by
Qarnot Computing

The QARNOT COMPUTING HPC solution can be accessed from our three campuses in Paris, Milan and Luxembourg.

Using the innovative QARNOT Computing solution accessible via the D4 Digital Hub, DATA4 customers can send data to be processed to the QARNOT Cloud via a simple private, dedicated link, directly connected to Q-NODE, the intelligent QARNOT system that distributes the computing between:

  • Industrial HPC racks hosted by DATA4
  • Heaters hosted by inhabitants
  • Third-party Clouds (AWS, Azure, Google, OVH)

Via its D4 DIGITAL HUB solution, DATA4 offers its customers a supercomputing solution, known as High Performance Computing (HPC) in Cloud mode.

D4 Hub

An administrative platform (accessible via an API) is provided to manage and supervise all computing sent to the

This supercomputing solution is mainly designed for:

  • The banking and finance sectors
  • Industries requiring simulation processes
  • 3-D animation/rendering

Thanks to D4 Digital Hub, QARNOT Computing services benefit from private and dedicated access, enabling it to guarantee its commitment to high quality service levels and very low latency.

Using our platform of services, companies are able to access considerable computing capacity in our data centers in order to constitute an intensive hybrid computing platform consisting both of their Private Cloud hosted by DATA4 and the Public Cloud of QARNOT Computing dedicated to supercomputing.

Jérôme Totel,
VP Product & Sales Engineering DATA4