Quality Manager Operations Italy


The Operations Quality Manager for Italy is accountable for the quality standards governing Data Center infrastructure management activities within Italy. This is done in conjunction with our critical suppliers and with respect to the local Data Center Operations teams.

The Operations Quality Manager oversees the implementation of actions to meet the quality objectives of the Italian Data Centers. They are specifically accountable for managing the performance of external Facility Management contracts as well as contracts signed directly with crucial suppliers. The Operations Quality Manager for Italy formulates obsolescence management and long-term investment strategies (long-term CAPEX) that align with quality objectives to maintain operational performance and enhance customer satisfaction. Developing and devising strategies.

The Operations Quality Manager reports directly to the Director of Operations in Italy.


In general, the Operations Quality Manager is accountable for the following tasks:

  1. Implementing and executing the Data4 Group’s quality policy:
  • Analyzing the Group’s strategic challenges and their implementation in Data Centers situated in Italy.
  • Making sure that the document databases (quality, compliance) align with these issues. It oversees the deployment of personnel, financial, and technological resources to attain the quality and regulatory goals of Data Centers in Italy and suggests schemes for ongoing enhancement and preventative and remedial action.
  1. Outsourced facility management quality and performance management:
  • Set Establish metrics for overseeing the quality and performance of contract fulfilment with facility management firms and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).
  • Prepare and manage performance reviews with external Facility Management companies
  • Define and execute the early warning process on risky situations (safety, malfunction)
  • Participate in the continuous evaluation of the Facility Management models used and propose changes to the model as part of contract reviews and scheduled renewals of existing contracts.
  1. Develop and implement policies for long-term maintenance and investment:
  • Collaborate with data center sales, customer service, and operations teams to identify building renovation and obsolescence management requirements.
  • Prepare investment decisions and ensure the management of implementing long-term investments in accordance with the budget and timeframes approved by the company’s management.
  • Assist the data center operations teams in creating corrective (short-term) investment budgets.
  1. Consolidation and management of operating costs
  • Collaborate with the DC Operations team (Facility Manager, Critical Environment Manager) to create multi-year operating budgets.
  • Manage monthly realization of operating costs („Cost of Sales” / COGS), identifying and reporting discrepancies.


Education & Experience

  • Significant experience in industries where service continuity is paramount.
  • Technical knowledge to manage the multiple affected areas.
  • Good command of the English language

Technical skills

  • Knowledge of electrical systems, air conditioning units, computer networks, security measures and protection mechanisms
  • Ability to maintain and cultivate long-term relationships with suppliers and service providers.
  • Proficient in coordinating and managing root cause investigations in the event of an accident
  • Attentive to customer needs and constraints.
  • Familiarity with financial mechanisms related to investments.
  • Fluent in English communication.

Soft skills

  • We require individuals who possess versatility and open-mindedness.
  • Have the ability to report quickly and efficiently.
  • Communicate effectively with our main customers, and exhibit rigour and method while maintaining a strong sense of team spirit.