The identity of DATA4 also lies in our values. They are the DNA of the company, driving our business and daily commitment to our customers, employees, suppliers and service providers.


At DATA4, quality has always been the cornerstone of our business. It determines the choice of our employees, partners and suppliers, who put all their expertise into the design, construction and operational management of our facilities and product portfolio – striving for excellence and 100% service continuity.


At DATA4, innovation is a question of attitude and a state of mind. It is a continuous process that drives the company and our model forward. Innovation gives our employees the satisfaction of advancing in a stimulating and pioneering environment. It also limits our impact on the environment and enables us to offer better support for our customers thanks to improved operational efficiency and quality and the expanding development of new products and services.


From the Latin Tenacitas, meaning holding on. Here at DATA4, we are driving an ambitious project, for which daily commitment and dedication is essential. Our commitment is as strong as our Data Centers! And our approach is as positive as it is curious. This is why we are continually listening to our customers and are always ready to support them in their projects.


Transparency creates trust. It enables us to establish a serene working relationship that produces results. As our approach is also constructive, here at DATA4, we commit to drawing up a clear and precise operational framework with each stakeholder in the company, thereby ensuring an efficient and respectful working relationship.