Our vision


Everything starts with the acknowledgement that cities, houses, cars and businesses, indeed the world, is going digital… Our day-to-day practices are changing rapidly, leading to an increase in the amount of data produced. Between now and 2020, the amount of data generated and processed worldwide is set to increase five-fold, reaching the colossal figure of 44 zettabytes!

Just like air, water and food, data is now a primary need that is essential to our lives and development.

Data Centers exist to meet the need for mass storage of the data we produce, whilst ensuring it remains available, accessible and secure.

Data Centers therefore represent the cornerstone of the digital economy and to a large extent the economy in general, on which our day-to-day use of digital technology, whether at home, in public or at work, depends. And like any cornerstone, it needs to be rock solid!

DATA4 produces extensive, extremely robust and fully connected Data Centers able to support its customers in all their development projects. This is also why DATA4 is continually innovating to anticipate future needs, based on an ambitious strategic plan.

From fortress to

DATA4 Data Centers have evolved from secured properties (FORTRESSES)to ULTRACONNECTED facilities that are connected to the outside world, whilst respecting the same security standards. Connectivity now forms the third pillar of the Data Center, alongside electricity and cooling.

DATA4 goes one step further with the principle of CONVERGENCE. Indeed, Data Centers have become digital crossroads, places where businesses, cloud providers and telecom operators, amongst others, converge and interconnect. Thanks to “D4 Digital Hub”, businesses can now create their own hybrid IT systems (increasingly preferred by IT managers) more easily, more securely and at a lower cost.

DATA4 offers direct, private access to over 150 cloud destinations and over 70 telecom operators, as well as to the main European Internet exchange nodes and partner services such as HPC (High Performance Computing) or storage on demand.

Data centers of the future will be more INTELLIGENT. Customers will be able to view and remotely control their IT environments in real time, as well as monitor activity, such as energy consumption. This is the ambition of DATA4.

Data Centers of tomorrow will also be environmentally friendly. This is imperative. This is why DATA4 is already introducing a range of measures to reduce our ecological footprint by:

  • Purchasing 100% renewable energy,
  • Continually optimising its facilities in order to reduce energy consumption, aiming for PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) close to 1,
  • Working on cyclical energy-saving projects to recover the heat unavoidably produced by our buildings,
  • Committing to an integrated certification process, namely ISO 14001 and ISO 50001