Our customer portal is getting an update!

Day-to-day management of IT infrastructure is becoming more professional and more complex, so we’ve updated our customer portal to better meet the needs and concerns of all our customers.

The reasons

  • Many businesses are built on digital technology and failures are increasingly costly
  • Digital technology supports flexibility and growth, and must evolve at the same pace as the company’s needs
  • With rising energy costs and equipment shortages, we must optimise use of these resources to improve efficiency
  • Digital technology has a definite and growing environmental impact and we need to measure it in order to reduce it

Our portal is a one-stop service centre available 24/7 to all Data4 customers. It provides a simple and highly secure interface so you can monitor your IT infrastructure hosted in our data centers in real time, submit service requests and much more.

A single portal that meets each department’s requirements

Portal features :

  • A compliance dashboard, showing room temperature and humidity compliance, as well as the power supplied – NEW!
  • Access and delivery service: to authorise escorted or unescorted access and to deliver IT equipment
  • A service sub-portal where you can order equipment (cable trays, racks, containment, cages, etc.), smart hands services (install/uninstall, visual check, etc.), and rack pre-cabling/cabling or power services
  • A customer infrastructure sub-portal that lets you view your IT infrastructure in 3D within the DC to locate each piece of equipment, identify free space, assess power consumption per rack, and view power or fibre connections – NEW!
  • An environmental portal (Green Dashboard) that provides all the guarantees of origin and more precisely calculates the environmental impact of customers’ IT infrastructure, as well as the DC’s building component, from scope 1 to scope 3 – NEW!

Plus :

  • Ultra secure access: two-factor identification – NEW!
  • Easier management of access rights for customers with the ability to set up rights for each user profile
  • A portal you can access with a PC or a smartphone