Data4 announces new data center campus in France

The Data4 Group, a major French player in data center operation and investment in Europe, has announced the creation of a new data center campus in Nozay, in the Essonne region of France, on the former Nokia site. This project, which will represent an investment of around €1 billion by 2030, aims to revitalise the 22-hectare industrial and office site, thus confirming the group’s strong presence in the Paris region.

Commitment to sustainability and the energy transition

This expansion is part of Data4’s strategy to reach 1 GW of capacity and become a leading pan-European player in the data center sector. The new site in Nozay (PAR3) will build on Data4’s two existing campuses in Marcoussis (PAR1 and PAR2), bringing the total available electrical power at the three sites to 375 MW. Due to their geographical proximity, customers will benefit from extended connectivity, low latency and increased redundancy.

Moreover, Data4 is committed to supporting the development of an eco-district in Nozay by reusing the waste heat produced by its data centers, in collaboration with the town council. This project will reduce the village’s carbon footprint and support the region’s ecological, energy and economic transition.

The new data center campus will also be exemplary in terms of sustainability, with the application of Data4 Group standards and certifications, such as ISO 50001 and the European Code of Conduct. In addition, the site will be BREEAM certified under an international label that assesses architectural projects for their environmental friendliness, energy, water and waste management, sustainable transport measures, and focus on occupant well-being.

A positive impact on the local economy and biodiversity

The establishment of Data4 in Nozay will boost the local economy by creating around 500 additional direct and indirect jobs. In addition, the BREEAM label will take account of the biodiversity of the site in its current state and will propose ways to improve the preservation and development of biodiversity on the premises, in collaboration with an ecological engineer.

This large-scale project demonstrates Data4’s desire to reconcile growth, environmental responsibility and community involvement, while supporting sustainability and the energy transition in the Paris region.

Close collaboration with local stakeholders for an ecological and economical project

The data center campus project in Nozay is the result of close collaboration between Data4 and local stakeholders, in particular the Nozay town hall and the Paris-Saclay urban community. In addition to supporting the development of an eco-district, this collaboration aims to transform the former Nokia site into a dynamic economic zone, providing an attractive employment area for the city.

Didier Perrier, the mayor of Nozay, stressed the project’s importance for the municipality, highlighting its potential for attracting local businesses and supporting the village’s ecological, energy and economic transition. The campus of data centers and incubators will be one of the largest in the Paris region and will contribute to making it more attractive.

The acquisition of the Nokia site in Nozay and the creation of a new data center campus underline Data4’s long-term commitment to sustainability and its support for the local ecosystem. The reuse of the waste heat produced by the data centers, the application of the strictest environmental standards and the preservation of the site’s biodiversity are evidence of this commitment. In parallel with its efforts to reduce land artificialisation and revitalise industrial sites, Data4 is relying on innovation and collaboration with local stakeholders to create synergies and promote sustainable and responsible growth. Through this project, Data4 is demonstrating its ability to combine economic performance, environmental responsibility and social commitment, making this new data center campus a model for the future of the sector.