DATA4 Campus Model

A unique model to support your company’s digital growth

Vast, flexible campuses tailored to your needs | Data Centers connected all the key global digital networks

Data Center operators now have to be able to respond to the rapid and massive digitisation at all levels of society, including cities, houses, cars, companies and more. Hosting requirements are increasing at a rapid rate and, in order to address this, DATA4 has developed its innovative model of Data Center campuses.

DATA4 dispose de 76 000 m2 de surface de data centers

DATA4 Data Centers all benefit from common network infrastructure and are directly linked to over 145 Cloud destinations and over 70 operators via our D4 Digital Hub convergent platform.

Why concentrate the Data Centers in a campus area?

Colocation de Data Center sur le Campus de Paris DATA4
  • Industrialisation of construction, operations and maintenance processes
  • Redundant and secure underground high-voltage electrical power lines (90 kV in Paris-Marcoussis, 132 kV in Milan)
  • High density of interconnection concentrated in each campus

This is unique in Europe, attracting hyperscale customers, as well as Digital Services Companies, start-ups with strong growth potential and large and medium-sized enterprises convinced of the need to accelerate their digital transformation.

The advantages of DATA4 design

  • A highly competitive time-to-market thanks to optimum construction lead times (9 months)
  • Competitive construction and operational costs thanks to economies of scale
  • Optimised energy performance regarding energy consumption, recycling, mobility and the transport of power
  • Low-cost access to hyper-connectivity: A number of completely separate dark fibre infrastructure entry points with access to over thirty Paris Data Centers and around twenty Data Centers in Milan.

DATA4 supports the development of renewable energy in Europe

DATA4 is committed to Renewable Energy for all its sites. 100% of DATA4’s electricity consumption is produced from Renewable Energy sources (hydraulic and wind).
In addition, for each MWh consumed, the French electric utility company EDF donates one Euro to renewable energy R&D in France.

D4 Data4

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