Connectivity services


Connectivity <br><span>services</span>

A host of connectivity services, included in the D4 Digital Hub, are available on DATA4 campuses to meet the full range of customer requirements:

  • Technological requirements: dark fibre, SDH, WDM, Ethernet, MPLS, IP, SDN, etc.
  • Coverage requirements: local, national or international
  • Direct connections to over 150 public cloud platforms

These services have adapted SLA, according to customer requirements and operator capacity.

D4 Hub
Intra Campus

DATA4 offers a wide range of connectivity services within a single campus, for connecting operators and ISPs to end-user customers or connecting different hosting areas to one another.

These connections, consisting of fibre optics or copper, are private, dedicated and secured.

D4 Hub
Inter Campus

DATA4 campuses are connected by Point-to-Point Ethernet services, with links ranging from 100 Mbps to 1 Gigabit. Customers can therefore benefit from a cross-country Dual Site service or else create an “asset-to-asset” European IT platform.

D4 Hub
Carrier & ISP

ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and carriers on DATA4 campuses offer a wide range of telecom services to meet customer requirements (regional, national and international coverage, peering locations, technology, etc.).

This service is directly marketed by the ISP and carriers that are all DATA4 partners.