DATA4 places diversity and equality at the center of its commitments

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on 8 March. It shines the spotlight on women’s rights and the reduction of gender inequality, and offers an opportunity to take stock of how things are for women. For example, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap 2020 report, the average annual income for men is $21.5k, compared to just $11.5k for women. But gender inequality touches on far more than just money matters. Women are also under-represented in the next big professions. While women account for 49% of general and technical professions, they only account for 26% of the workforce in the data and artificial intelligence sector, and just 12% in the cloud computing sector.

Beyond assessing how many women work in a given sector, the gender index provides a more comprehensive, contextual overview. It includes opportunities for advancement within a company, the percentage of women in management and executive roles, pay gaps, access to education and healthcare, living conditions, and political power.

At DATA4, diversity and gender equality for very important to us.

We are proud to announce that Marie Chabanon, our chief technical officer, member of DATA4 group’s CSR steering committee and executive committee, has, on behalf of DATA4, signed the Women’s Forum “Women4Climate” charter that promotes women in senior positions, and is making it a point of honour to constantly work towards a better carbon footprint.

“In an increasingly digital world, the emergence of a new generation of data centers that are kinder to the environment is now an absolute priority! DATA4 is placing sustainable development at the heart of its mission and its strategy. As the group’s CTO, my objective is as follows: To eco-design new data centers.
I am proud to be part of DATA4, a company where women can show leadership in the digital industry.” – Marie Chabanon, Technical Director at DATA4.

We would like to remind you that in 2020, 40% of our staff were women, obtaining the group a score of 86/100 on the gender index. This performance beats the national trends in the countries in which we work (78/100 in France, 79/100 in Spain and 70.7/100 in Italy).

DATA4 group is fully committed to a policy of continuous improvement to reduce all kinds of inequality. This commitment can be seen in the recruitment process where we encourage women to apply for roles that are traditionally seen as being for men.

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