Eco-responsible data centers & CSR Policy

Today, datacenters underpin the digital economy. They are what the digital transformation relies on, enabling companies, digital service providers and cloud operators to host and have real-time access to their critical data, and to interact easily and safely with their ecosystem.

To guarantee its customers service quality and continuity, DATA4 has developed its own datacenter campus model with a state-of-the-art design, space and electrical capacity that is unique on the market, and connected, secure infrastructures.

But DATA4 does not stop there. The group considers that it is possible to both offer customers high-performance services and commit to an approach of social and environmental responsibility. This is why DATA4 is adopting two key commitments:

  • Promote sustainable development at all levels of the company by opting for energy-efficient and energy-saving technology during the design phase and then by measuring and tracking the technical, energy and environmental performance indicator for each building.
    Lastly, DATA4 sorts, eliminates and traces waste produced by its activity and is committed to renewable energies (100% of DATA4’s electricity consumption is produced from renewable energy sources)
  • Place people at the core of its activities by conducting an annual internal opinion survey to measure employee satisfaction. An action plan is then set up and tracked to remedy the areas of concern that emerge from the survey.
    DATA4 also ensures that each workstation has the technical and/or office equipment required for the task in hand and organises a training programme each year giving employees the means to develop their skills.The group is also committed to gender equality. In 2018, 45.5% of new recruits to the company were women.