Why DATA4?


A keyword: make life easier for our customers

This is why we have chosen to provide you with a dedicated team to manage all your hosting needs.

It is also why we have designed our campuses as living spaces for your teams. Health paths, cafeterias, dedicated or shared offices, storage spaces. Our goal: make you feel at home at DATA4.

We also implement solutions to automate the management of your infrastructure as much as possible. Thanks to our Smart DC offer, no more excel spreadsheets. We provide you with real-time information allowing you to manage, control and optimize the management of your hosting spaces.

With our dedicated private and secure connectivity solutions, we support the management of your Hybrid Cloud strategy.

A Strong Green Approach

At DATA4, we believe that data centers are the foundation of digital technology. As such, we have implemented a vertuous policy to manage our energy consumption. All the electricity consumption of our DATA4 Data Centers is 100% compensated by renewable electricity fed into the electricity grid of our energy suppliers.

Durability and stability

DATA4, a French and European data center operator, has been part of the AXA Group since July 2018. At the end of 2019, DATA4 plans to build 19 additional data centres, 7 of which have already been launched, within the next five years and has the ambition, with this asset capital, to become the leading data centre operator in Europe

In short, at DATA4, service quality is at the heart of our concerns. Our vocation is to offer you secure spaces to host your IT platforms but also to provide you with value-added services for optimal control of your operations.

As the data center market evolves, it enters the era of intelligence, software-defined and automation. It is with this in mind that we have focused on innovative services to improve your customer experience. This gives you access to all infrastructure performance indicators, visibility into your 3D hosting spaces, cabling system and connectivity to operators and the cloud simply and in real time.