DATA4 is a European Data Center operator with facilities in France, Italy and Luxembourg. With 123 hectares and 190MW of available power, DATA4 boasts reserve land and power capacity that is unique in the European market, enabling it to support the growth of its customers, whether businesses, digital service providers or cloud operators, on the continent.

DATA4 finances, designs, builds and operates its own Data centers, in order to offer its customers hosting solutions that are flexible, scalable, high-performing and secure, as well as environmentally friendly. DATA4 currently operates 19 Data Centers throughout its platform.

In addition to their critical size, our facilities are of an exceptionally high-quality design and offer a diverse and scalable portfolio of services that can be easily adapted to customer requirements – from hosting a simple rack to a dedicated building.

Another DATA4 innovation is the “D4 Digital Hub”, a service platform that provides a secured, ultra-high-performance solution to businesses seeking to implement hybrid IT environments. The Group offers its customers direct, private access to over 150 cloud destinations and over 70 telecom operators, as well as to the main European Internet exchange nodes and partner services such as HPC (High Performance Computing) or storage on demand.