TXT E-SOLUTIONS and the successful partnership with RETELIT and DATA4.

TXT E-SOLUTIONS, international software product provider, operating in the aerospace, aviation, automotive and FinTech industries, can count innovative market leaders among its clients, including Boeing, Airbus, Leonardo, Lufthansa, Pirelli and many more.

Founded in 1989, TXT E-SOLUTIONS has been listed on the STAR segment of the Milan Stock Exchange since July 2000 and currently has 700 employees and a turnover of over 40 million. In addition to its headquarters in Milan and branches in Cesano Boscone, Brescia, Turin and Bari, the company also has offices in Germany, France, Switzerland, the UK and USA.

The need to migrate the company information systems from an on-premises solution to an off-premises Data Center provided an opportunity to review and restructure the entire IT infrastructure of the TXT E-SOLUTIONS Group. Supporting the company on this digital transformation journey has been RETELIT, the Italian carrier offering digital, telecommunications and infrastructure services, with a targeted proposal for the implementation of a network design that gives TXT E-SOLUTIONS a “star center” at the Tier 4, ISO 27001-certified DATA4 Data Center Campus in Cornaredo and a scalable and expandable MPLS at each of the Group’s current and future locations.

Thanks to the strategic partnership between RETELIT and DATA4, it was possible to build a redundant and hyper-connected colocation solution that uses a completely diversified network able to connect the TXT E-SOLUTIONS site to the Data Center with a 1 Gbps dual path and dual equipment. The migration project, completed in just 4 months following the end of the contract with the previous supplier and at a very affordable price, also involved the implementation of a VOIP component by means of a centralized solution which is practical to manage and easily scalable.

This synergy enabled significant targets to be reached in terms of improving the efficiency of the IT infrastructure such as an increase in service hours offered, redundancy of the energy component and cooling, an increase in connectivity bandwidth and a greater level of security and scalability of the proposed solutions, which can be easily adapted to future business requirements.

The future partnership between TXT E-SOLUTIONS, RETELIT and DATA4 is set to expand on multiple levels, characterized by the willingness to innovate across the board, with projects and challenges related to artificial intelligence and to the development of robotization and test automation solutions in the FinTech area.