How European Datacenter Leader DATA4 Reconciles Digital Growth and Sustainable Development

DATA4 is a French and European datacenter market investor and operator that designs, develops and currently operates 21 datacenters in France, Italy, Spain and Luxembourg. After securing a record €620 million in funding, we project that our turnover will double by 2024 as we expand the DATA4 platform in Europe.

Because of DATA4’s position as a major European player, our objective is to become the industry leader in sustainable development and involve all of our stakeholders in our circular economy approach by launching an ambitious DATA4Good programme.

As DATA4 Group President Olivier Micheli highlights, DATA4 is committed to developing datacenter campuses that provide companies and society in general with continuous, secure access to their digital data: “This is our first responsibility. And it’s an immense responsibility because datacenters are on the front line for all industries, as well as our digital lives. They’ve become an essential infrastructure component for companies, countries and individuals. At the same time, we have to be able to reconcile the digital transition and the ecological transition. To do that, we’ve decided to invest in the circular economy and work to reduce our ecological footprint throughout the entire life cycle of our datacenters.”

Learn more about our DATA4Good CSR programme.