Infrastructure Migration: More Opportunity, Less Outages (free guide to download)

Is your infrastructure migration strategy robust? It’s a question that will keep many data center leaders up at night. But for all the complexity a migration brings, there are some clear phases that will allow you to deliver an efficient, effective move.

Between DATA4 and our partners, we have helped hundreds of organisations complete a successful migration into our facilities. And each of these journeys typically has three phases:

  1. Pre-migration – where you designate responsibilities and create your migration plan. This phase underpins the success of the whole venture, and will be driven by a committed approach to project management. Everything from technical know-how to stakeholder management is encompassed in this phase, with each element being documented in a comprehensive migration plan.
  2. Migration – this is the phase in which physical (and digital) transition takes place. Clearly this is where the risk of outage, and the basis for future opportunities, is realised – so it’s natural for this to seem like a nerve wracking time. However with meticulous preparation and a carefully-assembled team, you can look forward to delivering a successful migration.
  3. Post-migration – here the success of your migration strategy can take shape, as the benefits of your new environment deliver value back into the business. But it’s also a time to refine your infrastructure strategy based on what you’ve learned during the process.

To find out more about how to design and deliver an effective migration, download our Migration eBook.

How DATA4 supports your migration

Infrastructures are increasingly heterogeneous, and we see different organisations migrating to our colocation facilities for different reasons, and on different scales. Our approach is to both recognise that organisations are typically seeking to retain a strong degree of control over their assets, while benefitting from the facility management we provide.

The challenge we set ourselves is simple – can the client feel like our facility is their own? Thanks to our smart technology, extensive campus network and expert team, we’re able to deliver a seamless experience for our customers. To find out more about how our data center campuses can support your digital strategy, please visit…….