DATA4 secures historic €620 million in debt financing to pursue its ambitious growth strategy in Europe

The data center market continues to expand, buoyed in particular by the rise of digital platforms, the explosion in data volumes being exchanged, and the business world’s growing need for connectivity and digital transformation. Indeed, these are needs that have only intensified during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Against this backdrop, DATA4 recorded robust growth in 2020, anchored in an environmentally responsible approach that is central to its innovation strategy.

DATA4 is driven by its ambition to support its partners and its customers, be they international cloud services or telecom operators, or companies in any other sector. To that end, DATA4 has just raised a record €620m in debt financing, so that it can be there to support them as they overcome new digital challenges. This means that the Group now has access to almost €1bn to fund and execute its 2024 growth plan, with the aim of doubling its turnover in five years and becoming one of the European leaders in the data center market.

Secured from three banks – Deutsche Bank, Société Générale and SMBC – this financing represents an important step in the company’s development, as Olivier Micheli, Chairman of DATA4 Group, is eager to point out: “Despite new challenges linked to the pandemic, 2020 has made it clearer than ever what a critical role data centers play in keeping our society and our economy running smoothly. The digital market will continue to grow and drive profound changes in our society, and we intend to participate very actively in its development. This historic financing will help accelerate our growth and reinforce our role as Europe’s data center champion. We’re excited to take on new challenges in 2021, a year which also marks the Group’s 15th anniversary!”

These additional resources will enable the Group to accelerate its responsible growth strategy throughout Europe. The Group plans to double the power capacity of its Paris campus from 100MW to 200MW, making it the most powerful data center campus in Europe. DATA4 also aims to significantly develop the number of data centers on its current campuses located in France (Marcoussis), Italy (Milan), and Spain (Madrid). It also intends to expand into Central Europe and Scandinavia.

With this new financing, DATA4 has acquired the resources it needs to deliver on its ambitions and consolidate its role as a European leader in the data center market, as it continues to grow and to invest in cutting edge technology for a more sustainable way to do business.