In order to support the hybridation of Information System, DATA4 is offering a direct Cloud connectivity solutions. The European group has partnered with InterCloud, leader of global delivery of the cloud application. Thanks to this partnership, DATA4 can now manage its datacenter platform as a single virtual data center, connected to the worldwide cloud ecosystem, with more than 150 cloud providers and major European Internet eXchange points.

DATA4 is now able to interconnect all its data centers as well as connecting them directly to global cloud and Internet ecosystems.

Enterprise and IT Partner customers can easily consolidate their IT in a multi-cloud environment by reaching direct and secured access to more than 150 cloud destinations from any DATA4 datacenter wherever is based the Cloud Service Provider platform.

Thanks to this innovative combination, each client hosted by DATA4 can rapidly expand their private company network to the cloud solution of their choice. With D4 HUB CLOUD, the solution is offering service-level agreements (SLA) and reliable solutions to reach services like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azur, Microsoft Office 365, Softlayer, Google Cloud, VCloud Air or Salesforce can be used securely within the company’s network without passing through the Internet in a completely geographical agnostic way: “You can reach all Public Cloud platform from all D4 data centers”.  This new platform offers a wide range of advantages: reduced time to market thanks to instant access, flexibility to adjust interconnections and bandwith on demand, fully managed Level 3 offer, higher performance and control vs. Internet, cost control and reliable end to end fully diverse routes from DATA4 Campuses to CSP platforms.
Enterprises are using more than one single Public Cloud Platform: D4 Digital Hub allow customers to multiplex several Cloud destination on the same physical link allowing customers to closely manage their gateways between Public Cloud and Private Cloud in order to improve the level of security of their platforms.

“Today’s datacenter is a digital hub hosting hybrid architecture based on multicloud ever evolving interconnections. With D4 HUB CLOUD, our data center campuses are virtualized as a unified platform, expanded to global cloud ecosystems in a direct, private and secure way. The CSP is getting to you and not the reverse,” says Jerome Totel, DATA4 Group VP Products & Business Development.