DATA4 Smart Data Center


You need to deliver high quality services on time and cost effectively to internal / external clients

With D4 Smart DC, get a real-time health record of your DC and deliver high quality services on time and cost effectively

  • Transparency : End-to-end real-time visibility
  • Agility : Make decisions faster and manage your operations efficiently

Risk reduction

Identify vulnerabilities and potential problems by preventing Data center issues such as hot spots, power overloading, redundancy gaps with incoming alerts

Improve response time with real-time insight into operation (show dashboard)

Capacity planning and operations management

Optimize your resources (power, cabling, space and IT equipment), Identify over and underutilized assets

Reduce spending on unneeded ressources and extend the life of assets and facilities

Quickly and easily visualize your DC’s resources and IT, know what you have and where,

  • Power capacity and consumption of energy
  • Indoor temperature and humidity
  • Available and occupied IT space and racks
  • Connectivity links (internal and external cabling)
  • IT (hard and soft) asset management

Optimize your resource consumption (space, energy, cooling and connectivity) and improve the management of your Operations

  • Review urbanization of your data center
  • Add, move or change IT equipment, cabling and power connections easily
  • Access online Maintenance Planning and improve forecast of your operations
  • Requests and follow-up of remote hands interventions
  • Manage securely access requests to your hosting space

Compliance and CSR

Comply with regulations and organizational standards

Validate that your hard and software meet mandated guidelines

  • Get Key KPIs for environmental impact of data center operations (water, energy, CO², WEEE – Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment, Natural resource depletion, material consumption during full lifecycle of your DC)

Enable compliance with regulations and internal requirements


The video is also available here