DATA4 new sponsor of PeeringDB, a worldwide leader in interconnection

DATA4 Group joins Microsoft, Amazon, GTT and others in supporting PeeringDB, an online database that facilitates the exchange of information related to peering and interconnection.

PeeringDB is a nonprofit, member-based organization that facilitates peering and information exchange between networks and peering coordinators.

The platform also includes all types of interconnection data for networks, clouds, services, and enterprises, as well as interconnection facilities that are developing at the edge of the Internet.

This partnership is a great opportunity for DATA4 in the telecommunication ecosystem. Indeed, almost one-third of Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) register their interconnection data in the PeeringDB database.

The platform is a freely available and public tool, where users strictly adhere to the acceptable use policy. It is largely policed by the community, which prevents the database from being used for commercial purposes and discourages unsolicited communications.

As a sponsor, DATA4 supports PeeringDB in its development by helping with the financing of different aspects, from organizational costs to software maintenance, to new feature development.

Moreover, DATA4 aims to promote and strengthen its neutral interconnection network. Indeed, the group manages carrier- and cloud-neutral facilities as a single virtual data center platform, connected to the worldwide ecosystem, with more than 220 cloud providers, carriers, ISPs and major European Internet eXchange points.

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