DATA4 Joins the Planet Tech’Care Initiative

Paris, 16 April, 2021 – DATA4 has just signed the Planet Tech’Care manifesto, an initiative from Syntec Numérique that unites a group of partners (professional bodies, educational establishments, NGOs, foundations, think tanks) committed to the sector’s ecological transition.

Planet Tech’Care provides digital sector stakeholders who are committed to the planet with the tools they need to reduce their environmental impact. As such, the platform facilitates the delivery of support programmes made up of different events (mainly conferences and webinars) designed by training professionals, digital experts, and environmental stakeholders.

As a signatory, DATA4 is making a commitment to:

  • Acknowledge that environmental changes are a major issue facing humanity, and one upon which digital industry players are having an impact, and must take action,
  • Contribute, on a company-wide level, to managing environmental risks,
  • Deliver training modules to develop employee skills in sustainable and environmentally efficient digital technology.

This commitment to Planet Tech’Care only serves to reinforce DATA4’s desire to work towards a more sustainable future. In January, DATA4 group also announced its commitment to the Climate Neutral Data Pact, which aims to achieve carbon-neutral datacenters by 2030. Drafted in partnership with the European Commission, the pact creates a self-regulatory initiative for industry players. As such, its signatories commit to ensuring their data centers become carbon neutral through ambitious, measurable objectives for 2025 and 2030:

  • Demonstrate the efforts made in terms of energy efficiency, using quantifiable objectives,
  • Use 100% carbon-free sources of energy,
  • Commit to reusing and repairing servers, and recycling old servers,
  • Look for ways to recycle the heat produced by datacenters.

To find out more about our sustainability promises, please visit our CSR page