DATA4 joins the Climate Neutral Data Center Pact (CNDCP) initiative

As an eco-responsible player, DATA4 is proud to join the collective of 24 cloud infrastructure manufacturers and 17 data centre associations in Europe by signing the “Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact” (CNDCP).

Drawn up in collaboration with the European Commission, this pact sets up a self-regulation initiative for the players. It commits the signatories to guarantee the climate neutrality of their data centres by setting ambitious measurable targets for 2025 and 2030:

  • Demonstrate the efforts that have been made regarding energy efficiency based on quantifiable targets ;
  • To use 100% decarbonated energy sources for powering their data centres;
  • Commit to the reuse and repair servers, as well as the recycling of used servers;
  • Find new solutions for recycling the heat emitted by data centres.

“With the signing of this pact, DATA4 reaffirms its commitment to a transition towards a greener economy. As a responsible digital player, we have an important role to play in supporting a more sustainable digital transformation. Our goal is to have an impact on the entire value chain,” comments Olivier Micheli, CEO DATA4 Group.

DATA4 is committed to a virtuous eco-responsible approach that is at the heart of its Sustainable Development and innovation strategy. With this in mind, DATA4 designs intelligent buildings or “smart datacenters” and has implemented several initiatives to reduce its environmental footprint:

  • Through its SMART DC service, DATA4 provides its customers with environmental indicators that give them better visibility of the performance and consumption of all their equipment;
  • 100% of the electricity consumed in DATA4’s data centres corresponds to electricity out of 100% renewable sources, which is reinjected into the electricity supplier’s power grid;
  • Via the use of “Direct Free Cooling” technology, which allows cooling of IT equipment using ambient air 85% of the time on average on the Paris-Saclay campus.

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