What is data center Colocation?

Although data storage servers were initially underdeveloped, they are now a major issue for many fields of activity. Today, many companies need space to store their data. Colocation in datacenters therefore meets the needs of companies wishing to outsource their IT infrastructures, while optimising performance and security.

The Cloud is on Earth

In fact, the cloud, whether we are talking about a hybrid cloud, a private cloud or a public cloud, is not really in a cloud. Your data is not flying over our heads waiting to be used.

So what is the cloud made of then?

Physically, the cloud is a set of computing and storage servers, and the network equipment that connects them. Most of these servers are owned by IT service providers but also by companies – end users. With the constant evolution of IT infrastructures, an option has emerged to host data more simply and conveniently: colocation in a data center.

The growing role of storage servers

Historically, servers were dedicated to e-mails, company presentation web pages and some ERP or CRM software. At that time, they processed little data.

Today, servers are at the heart of many companies.

Some areas of activity are entirely dependent on their proper functioning, such as e-commerce, banking transactions, dating sites or even logistics platforms.

One incident in the IT system and all activity stops.

Historically, servers were “at home”

Until recently, each company installed its own server directly on its premises. They had an entire room dedicated to the servers and constantly monitored them: security, power supply, air conditioning, Internet connection, computer maintenance, etc. The company did everything itself, or almost everything, to monitor its equipment and ensure its proper functioning.

Although today some companies still operate this way, this practice tends to disappear.

Servers have difficulty keeping up with IT development

Over the years, IT infrastructures have grown, along with the need for external connectivity. The monitoring of servers by companies themselves was becoming difficult and risky.

It therefore seemed wiser to house their equipment in a more suitable location in the interconnection nodes of the information superhighways, where monitoring would be even better: colocation in a data center.

Colocation in the datacenter: tailor-made hosting

This is how datacenter colocation or server housing emerged, guaranteeing the security of the hosted data and freeing it from a heavy supervisory burden.

Data centre colocation thus offers a pooling of services and infrastructures for data storage:

  • A secure IT infrastructure;
  • Air conditioning for cooling the IT servers,
  • A redundant power supply allowing high availability of the servers.

Naturally, operator networks are flooding in to connect the servers of all these companies to the Internet and its users.

In spite of its name, the Cloud has its feet firmly on the ground!

Why choose colocation at DATA4 or other data centers?

The datacenter colocation market is growing strongly, and this solution attracts more and more companies. The reasons for this success are obvious:

  • Increased security

Reaching a computer room in a data centre involves crossing at least 5 security barriers;

  • Ultra-reliable electricity and air conditioning

Every electrical system and every air conditioner is redundant, ensuring that important network functions are always available;

  • Optimized energy consumption

Everything is designed to optimise energy efficiency and thus preserve the planet;

  • A permanent connection to the outside world

Several dozen operators are connected to the datacentre by different paths ensuring a permanent connection to the outside world, whatever happens.

If you find it more convenient to have your servers on site for inventory operations or minor interventions, permanent service providers can act at the customer’s request. There are also service platforms that provide detailed, real-time visibility of hosted equipment: DCIMs. But that’s another story…

Data center colocation is an innovative solution for companies whose IT infrastructures are constantly growing. DATA4 offers you a wide range of colocation services in our datacenters.