D4 Hub Cloud

Hub Cloud

The DATA4 campuses are populated with networks (redundant Points of Presence) that are directly connected to over 150 cloud destinations, including the main global public clouds. (List available on request). Our customers can therefore simply and rapidly benefit from direct, secured links to these public cloud platforms in order to extend their private cloud platforms (for overflow, flexibility, reliability and redundancy). This guarantees low latency, security, better control over quality and the reliability of data exchanges.

Our D4 HUB CLOUD service offers a number of advantages:

  • Fully managed service: our Level 3 service is a fully integrated offering. DATA4 takes care of network configuration and interconnection with the CSP of your choice
  • Performance: this interconnection is built on a private network with end-to-end management, delivering very high levels of service (end-to-end transit time, jitter, latency, and packet loss)
  • Reliable: this solution can be accompanied by a “double attachment” so that you get two completely separate routes between your hosting space and the CSP of your choice
  • Secure: fine-tune connections between your network and the Public and Private Cloud, by assigning rules from your own security policy
  • Cost management: Avoid connection costs when multiplexing the number of Cloud providers by multiplexing several different destinations/CSP on the same physical connection
  • Rapid implementation and flexibility: Because DATA4 has already extended the networks of 150 providers to its Campuses, the solution is available very quickly (provision of software). This flexible solution provides a straightforward way for customers to modify the CSP destination
  • Geographically agnostic: Reach more than 150 Public Cloud platforms from every DATA4 Campus, with seamless network interconnections. The primary IAAS and SAAS available can be found below: