D4 Digital Hub

D4 Digital Hub
Our Hybrid IT Ready Services

The D4 Digital Hub platform provides support for companies in their digital transformation, facilitating the introduction of hybrid, secure and efficient IT architecture.

With D4 Digital Hub, you can enjoy a full range of HYPER-CONVERGED services, enabling you to directly access:

  • over 150 Cloud destinations (CSP, Cloud Service Providers)
  • over 70 telecom operators
  • the key European Internet exchange nodes (Internet Exchange): MIX, FRANCIX, LU-CIX, AMSIX, LINK, DECIX
  • Internet Service Providers (ISP)
  • Partner services, such as HPC (High Performance Computing) or storage on demand

Create your own
hybrid IT environment

Via D4 Digital Hub, DATA4 customers can create their own hybrid IT environment by selecting the services they need to develop their business.

Listening to its customers’ requirements, DATA4 constantly seeks to develop its platform and create new partnerships to expand its portfolio of services.

The DATA4 platform represents a digital crossroads where the cloud meets businesses:“ Where The Cloud Meets The Ground ”