• DATA4 is founded

    DATA4 was founded in 2006 on the former Alcatel manufacturing site in Marcoussis, in Essone (91), south-west of Paris. This is a strategic location chosen for its proximity to the Paris-Saclay ecosystem and the Villejust transformer substation (one of the most powerful in Europe), the exceptional amount of land (111ha) just a few kilometres from Paris, as well is its history boasting 60 years of research and innovation! It was on this site that the 3-D laser printer was invented and from 1957 onwards, it housed the R&D center of the Compagnie Générale d’Electricité, followed by the French Scientific Research Council (CNRS).

  • First data center

    In 2007, DATA4 opened its first data center, together with the Dual Building for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans (DRP & BCP).

  • Milan & Luxembourg

    In 2013, DATA4 supported its customers in their European development by exporting its model both to Italy, purchasing land near Milan to build 10 data centers, and to Luxembourg , with the acquisition of Secure IT and 3 operating Data Centers. In France, the company operates 6 Data Centers.

  • New data centers

    Between 2014 and 2015, DATA4 built three new Data Centers in Italy.

  • New Services

    In 2015, the Group extended its portfolio of services and reinforced its potential to create value for its customers by providing support for their hosting plans, ranging from simple colocation racks to customised dedicated buildings.

  • Hyper connection

    In 2016, the DATA4 platform became hyper-connected thanks to major investment in telecommunication facilities. The company acquired a stake in QARNOT COMPUTING, the start-up behind the first digital heaters in the world, and extended its range of services to include a new High Performance Computing (HPC) solution.

  • D4 Digital Hub

    In 2017, DATA4 continued to expand its portfolio of services by creating D4 Digital Hub, a unique service that provides direct and secured access to over 150 cloud destinations and over 70 telecom operators, as well as to the main European Internet exchange nodes and numerous partner services.

  • Next Gen Data Centers

    In 2017, DATA4 also built the more modular and energy-efficient NEXT GEN DATA CENTER and inaugurated its “DATA4 Campus ” model in France, comprising offices, relaxation areas and sports facilities, in addition to the “DATA” zone.

  • 19 Datacenters

    Today, DATA4 operates 19 Data Centers throughout its European platform and has the capacity to build 22 additional buildings. The company is owned by AXA Investment Managers - Real Assets