Electrical Facility Manager


Facility manager’s main mission will be to manage and leverage the maximum power from our suppliers, mainly with the FM supplier. Based in a broad technical knowledge, he/she will lead the day-to-day relationship in terms of planning, preparation and field execution according to the internal procedures.

FM is responsible for monitoring the infrastructure management activities of Datacenters leading technically all our suppliers, working together with other FMs and other teams.

His/her perimeter covers all technical areas in the Datacenter, with very strong needs on: Electricity,  Low Current (access control, CCTV…) and H&S management, among others.

It is one of the main players in the quality of service rendered by our suppliers, especially in terms of continuity.

Working very closely with the different suppliers and mainly with the FM company with focus on: Planning maintenance, prepare corrective works (review and validation of changes and MOPs when required, attending dry runs, BMS follow up of the installation to ensure a good performance, supporting other teams that could require on the field support for projects (Construction, Service Delivery, Energy management, quality and compliance team, among others).

FM will work closely with the Critical Environment Manager supporting, from the technical perspective, all Incident management

FM will be part of the on-call team for Data4.

FM will support the CEM and the CSM team in terms of customer communication providing them info related to maintenance operations, preventive planning, incident management, RCA analysis, action plans tracking, correctives, small projects follow up, BMS monitoring, reporting will be his/her mains activities.





  • Participates in the collection of the necessary elements to develop monthly reports related to infrastructure management.
  • Helps customers with their certification process, audits, etc. providing info and data to the CEM and CSM.
  • Ensure the correct execution of the infrastructure improvements within the client contract framework.


  • To monitor and manage maintenance, corrective and improvement works
  • Produce/review the technical management of incidents (Incident reports, RCAs, action plans … ) with the possible assistance of technical experts, and reports to his/her manager.
  • Monitors the infrastructure to ensure a smooth and efficient operation.
  • Participates in drills for incident scenarios to verify the adequacy between the procedures and the level of control of the facilities by the teams.
  • Participates in customer contract management meetings as technical support.
  • Participates in internal operating meetings (with multi-technical provider)
  • Implements and enforces providers to implement the procedures defined at the group level
  • Tracks the improvement/action plans related to incidents, non-conformities and any other source of risk for the facilities.
  • Prepare quotes in the context of customer demand aligned with the company’s policies, ensure the completion of the work in due time following the company procedures (change management, incident management, delegation of authority, ..).
  • Management of the supplier’s contract participating in their follow up and review.
  • Provides duty offices for the Cornaredo site and, in this context, acquires enough control of all the facilities allowing to:
  • Managing corrective actions effectively
  • Communicating with impacted customers via CSM
  • Ensure the necessary internal reporting
  • Asset Management ensuring the info related to different assets is accurate.
  • Supports the Global Process Owners (GPO) to implement their process in the buildings under the FM responsability






Education and experience

  • Electrical engineering degree preferred or proven experience and knowledge of electrotechnical issues applied to the components of the entire electrical line-up of data centers: Transformers, UPSs, Generetarors, common symbols for components like resistors, capacitors, transformers, switches, and circuit breakers.
  • Technical knowledge to pilot the various trades involved.
  • Good command of English

Technical skills

  • Deep Understanding of Electrical Schematics: mastery in reading and interpreting electrical schematics and diagrams, focusing on power distribution, UPS systems, and cooling infrastructure relevant to data centers.
  • Reading and Interpreting Schematics: Understanding Schematic Flow, how to follow the flow of circuits and identify the relationship between different components within a schematic. Component Identification and Function: Detailed study of the function of each component within a schematic and its role in the overall system.
  • Advanced circuit analysis techniques to understand complex electrical systems within data centers.
  • Practical Application of Schematics in Troubleshooting: Utilizing electrical schematics for effective troubleshooting and fault identification in data center infrastructure.
  • Electrical System Design and Maintenance: knowledge of designing electrical systems for data centers, including redundancy configurations and energy efficiency improvements.
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance practices for electrical equipment, based on manufacturer guidelines and industry best practices.
  • Incident management, including root cause analysis and corrective action planning, with a focus on electrical system failures.
  • Innovation and Continuous Learning: staying updated with the latest trends and technologies in electrical engineering for data centers, including smart grid technologies, IoT-based monitoring systems, and renewable energy integration.
  • Participation in workshops, seminars, and training programs to enhance electrical engineering skills relevant to data centers.
  • Able to listen to internal customer needs and constraints
  • Able to communicate in written and oral English

Soft skills

  • Flexibility and open-mind approach,
  • Ability to report and report quickly.
  • Easy to communicate/exchange with our customers.
  • Accurate and methodological.
  • Team spirit.