Construction Project Manager


They will be responsible for the management of Design & Construction project of D4 in Italy.

They are responsible for the execution of the project assigned to them in order to ensure the follow-up of the „Quality, Cost, Deadline from and end to end perspective: from Building Permit to Hand Over to the Operations team.

The projects to be managed are:

  • Power Supply Projects
  • Global Campus works including Underground networks, utilities….
  • Datacenters
  • Offices building if any
  • Datahalls, Offices Fit Out works post delivery

The senior project manager will be supported by:

  • A team of external consultants: architects, Project Management company, Health & Safety coordinators, Commissioning agent….
  • The D4 engineering team which will support them in terms of Design Validation, Tendering Phase, Commissioning and Hand Over

Main Activities in terms of Design & Construction Management

Administrative Phase

  • Manage all the administrative procedures associated with the project (permits, classified installations) in relation with the project manager, the architect, the specialized design offices and the local authorities, from the phase of constitution of the files until the obtaining of the permits.

Design phase

  • Ensuring exchanges with hyperscalers and key accounts to ensure the definition of needs.
  • Accompany the entire design phase to ensure that the targeted Data Center meets Data4’s needs.
  • Lead the engineering teams for the design phases.
  • Act as the interface between the Operations and Design teams throughout the project.

Construction & Commissioning Phase

  • Actively participate in the procurement process for the construction phase.
  • Monitor the construction phase on a daily basis to ensure that the work complies with the contracts.
  • Ensure daily compliance with safety regulations in the work areas
  • Manage service providers with a direct contractual link with the project owner (EDF, control office, safety coordinator, CSI, design office, architect, property owner, project manager, etc.).
  • Ensure exchanges and reporting with the construction and commissioning teams of the end client (hyperscaler and major accounts) throughout the projects.
  • Ensure the interface between the Operations and Construction teams throughout the project.
  • Ensure exchanges with hyperscaler and key account customers for the definition and validation of the commissioning plan and process.
  • Manage the commissioning operations in relation with the commissioning agent, the commissioning team of the final customer (hyperscaler and major accounts) and the project management.
  • Gradually put the future site’s operating team in a position to take over the site as soon as it is made available (training on technical packages, documentation, drafting of simplified procedures, etc.).


  • Conduct all meetings necessary for the management of the project, including
  • Technical follow-up with the project manager and the companies
  • Reporting in English to the final client (hyperscaler and key accounts)
  • Documenting the project; in particular, ensuring the proper handover of documentation (completeness and quality) from service providers to ensure the proper subsequent use of the works carried out.
  • Generate the reporting required for this type of operation.
  • Ensure the budgetary follow-up of the project in collaboration with the project management and the finance department of Data4.

Other missions:

  • They are a technical reference for Data4’s hyperscaler customers and other majors: he/she will manage all reporting and direct communication to the final customers (he/she will be supported by external consultants..)
  • They will also manage the relationship with all local authorities. He/She will be supported by external consultants such as the architect but also by the Country Director
  • They monitor all technologies and architectures of Data Centers at the international level in order to guide the technical solutions that are implemented. In that framework, he/she will be work very closely with the Innovation Manager.
  • They may also participate in the technical evaluation of future sites that the group may wish to acquire.
  • They will be responsible to implement the sustainability policy of D4 and especially:
  • Obtain the Bream certifications for the DC under design & build
  • Implement D4 Environmental Road Map (waste management program, carbon reduction…)
  • Finally, they will be responsible to implement on site the Health & Safety policy defined by the H&S Department. They will support the local representative of the H&S department
  • Assist the Sales/Pre Sales teams in complex pre-sales processes involving technical and design issues.
  • Participate, if necessary, in customer audits for the design of Data Centers.


  • Technical team of experts from Data4 France
  • Pre – sales and sales
  • Project manager
  • Project Management Assistant
  • Companies
  • Local authorities (Town Hall, …)
  • Architects
  • Specialized design offices
  • Hyperscalers & large accounts.


Education and experience

  • Ideally a graduate of higher education (Engineer or equivalent) in the field of electrical/climate engineering or generalist, the training is not a prerequisite, the quality of experience, knowledge of the market and personal qualities take precedence over the rest.
  • Experience: at least 10 years within a project management company, a design office, or even an installer on project management issues, allowing to have significant knowledge in areas where continuity of service is essential and technical knowledge allowing to pilot the various areas concerned.

Technical skills

The candidate must possess the following skills:

  • Proven track record in project management, preferably in the hosting or service integration industries
  • Experience managing projects in an occupied site (preferred)
  • Proven skills and taste for cross-functional team management and teamwork to lead projects
  • Good level in HVAC and/or Electrical (CFO) and/or Security/Networks (BMS, BMS, CFA),
  • Knowledge in general design of industrial buildings with issues close to Data Centers (continuity of service, security, etc.),
  • Proven ability to work under pressure and with others
  • Ability to work simultaneously with several projects
  • Ability to analyze and summarize
  • Ability to „popularize“ the technique and the benefits for non-experts thanks to a discourse adapted to the interlocutor and to his needs and constraints
  • Good command of document writing
  • Mastery of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project and AutoCAD applications.
  • English with a very good written/oral level

The candidate does not require the following, but it would be an advantage

  • Project Management training such as PMI or equivalent
  • Experience working in English-speaking environments

Soft skills

  • Sense of confidentiality, integrity and ethics
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Reporting skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Adaptability and open-mindedness
  • Entrepreneurial profile, capable of strong intellectual mobility and multitasking within a small structure
  • Ability to work methodically and independently
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Sense of customer service
  • Decision-making spirit
  • Rigor and method
  • Team spirit
  • Sense of commitment for him/her and his/her teams